Dust and Grease Cleaning Service for substation facilities
for their enhancement, reliability and maintenance


dust cleaning
agent for PCBs

Prevents economic loss and
safety accidents caused by
the dust and, foreign sub-
stances generated during


  • Prevention Maintenance
  • Cleaning available while equipment in operation
    Non conductive material to be used for 50kV
  • Stability
  • Non-corrosive material
    No damage for PCB and electronic components
    without requiring to disassemble the equipment
  • Economical
  • Cleaning in short time
    Strong blowing force to remove the dust at critical point easily & quickly
  • Technology
  • Prevent static and noise
    Neutralize electrostaticion to avoid harmful static and noise
    generated by the compressor or the vacuum cleaner
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Respiratory disease prevention (low-toxic)
    Prevent respiratory diseases by not allowing fugitive dusts

Awarded multiple symbolic Certificates from Korean government

Performance Certification : 2011. 4 .5 (the Small & Medium Business dministration)

Eco Label Certification : 2006.11.6 (Ministry of Environment/Environmental Industry & Technology Institute

NEP Certification : 2008.3.13 (Ministry of Knowledge Economy/Agencyfor Technology and Standards)

Patent Certification : 2008. 2. 1 (Patent office)


SABIC Demonstration, KSA

SABIC Demonstration, KSA


The maintenance manual of
Korea Electric Power
Corporation (KEPCO)

Specifies to use SGD-77 to remove
grease in the substation facilities.


The grease on circuit-breaker is hard in nature to remove, and it prevents the circuit–breaker
from normal operation causing a failure or accident.

  • Excellent decomposability
  • For Mineral oil, Synthetic oil
  • Economy
  • Superior cleaning power without requiring to disassemble the equipment
  • Efficiency
  • Appropriate jet force enabling the cleaning agent to penetrate into the gaps to easily remove grease
  • Safety
  • No damage (corrosion) to the parts after cleaning work
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe to the human body and environment

East-West Power Plant in Korea (Electrical Panel)