Product Brochure (En)



APM 5000 detects and alerts
various defects inside GIS by
analyzing UHF signals generated by
partial discharge that can cause
progressive deterioration of
insulating materials, ultimately
leading to electrical breakdown.


APM 3000 is an Online Partial Discharge
Monitoring System (OPDM) for power
transformers base on UHF partial
discharge technologies. APM 3000
monitors and diagnoses various defects
timely and accurately to support
improved Condition Based Management
(CBM) and to prevent serious breakdown
of power transformers.


APM 2000 detects and alerts various
defects inside EHV/MV equipment by
analyzing UHF signals generated by
partial discharge. It monitors, records
and analyzes PD signal continuously
and alerts the condition with light-weight
and small-sized equipment.


It is an advanced online diagnosis
system for metal clad switch gear
that predicts any problems for
advanced maintenance by
detecting partial discharge.


The PD sensor is used to detect
partial discharge signals in UHF
(Ultra High Frequency) band.


APM7000 is the most effective
insulation diagnosis system
that analyzes the cable’s failure
phenomenon due top artial discharge
in real time to prevent accidental power failure.


  • UHF PD detection method can be used for a wide rage of high voltage equipment including CIS, GIB, AIB, Transformer, etc.
  • UHF PD detection method can detect PDs earlier than other methods.
  • UHF PD detection method can diagnose causes of defect in real time more accurately
  • PD Sensors for GIS and AIS, Noise Gating Sensors, UHF Drain Valve Sensor for Transformer

PDMS with true UHF bandwidth

Superior accuracy and noise gating features based on the state-of-the-art UHF technology. Conventional PDMS systems may convert PD signals in UHF band to RF band because their systems do not have performance enough to analyze PD signals in UHF band directly. PDMS systems of APM Technologies include high performance data acquisition units that are enabled to analyze PD signals in UHF band without down converting.

IEC 61850 certified

Supports the latest Substation Automation System including remote PD monitoring using IEC 61850 protocol

Unparalleled multi-step noise filtering method

Step 1 ) Programmable hardware band pass filtering
Step 2 ) Eliminating external noises by comparing signals from
PD Sensors with Noise Sensor
Step 3 ) Distinguishing various types of Noise signals including
Mobile Network, WIFI by using Neural Network AI engine

AI analysis

Signals measured from each PD Sensor are analyzed in real time based on the database by AI, and reported instantly with its cause in case they are PD signals. The AI database includes carious types of defect including Protrusion Electrode, Floating Electrode, Defective Insulator Free moving particle and Noises.

Enhanced HMI

Provides PD analyzing features using AI, Trend features which shows
PD changes over time, and integrated features such as real time signal analysis
Provides independent conditions setting according to each
sensor’s installation environment
Provides user account and control management and regular auto-matic
report generating features


In case more bays are added to an existing GIS where APM’s PDMS has been installed, the PDMS can be expanded to support the additional bays by adding Local Units and PD Sensors with the minimum cost.


Monitors Local Units in HMI providing alarms and automatic recovery feature
Provides PRPD, PRPS and other graphic charts for PD experts
Stores and data for long period