APM2000 Portable PD Monitoring System


APM 2000 detects and alerts various defects inside EHV/MV equipment by analyzing UHF signals generated by partial discharge. It monitors, records and analyzes PD signal continuously and alerts the condition of EHV/MV equipment with light-weight and small-sized equipment.

  • Suitable for the PD measurement of the extra-high voltage and medium voltage equipment
  • Portable light-weight and small-sized equipment maintain PD analysis features
  • Provides project management features for multiple PD sensors at multiple sites.
  • Able to detect less than 5 pC according to CIGRE TF 15/33.03.05
  • Compliant with EMC and electricity safety international standards such as IEC61000-4-X, IEC60255-5, IEC60068-2-X, IEC60529/2001, IEC60270, and CISPR22


Superior Reliability and Accuracy

  • Capturing and analyzing PD data continuously
  • Super-reliable real-time OS (Linux 2.6.29)
  • Precise data analyzing and recording
  • Measuring PD signal in Real-Time / Event / Trend mode
  • Real-time algorithm operation

User-friendly Operation

  • Light-weight and portable size
  • Robust design for the toughest environment
  • Analyzing and displaying PRPD / PRPS simultaneously
  • Auto-regenerating event data
  • Equipped with 4 channels (standard) / 7 channels (optional)

Enhanced Noise Control

  • Unmatched noise elimination with 16 combinable filter matrix
  • Noise Gating with broadband noise sensor (Patent pending)
  • Differentiating PD signal from noise with advanced Neural Network


Item Specification
Power 90 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz 120 to 370 VDC
Input 4 UHF Channels, N-Type Connector
Bandwidth Wide Bandwidth 100 ~ 2000MHz
Dynamic Range - 65 to 0 dBm
Band Pass Filter Combination of 4 LPF and 4 HPF
Noise Gating Enabled (External Noise Sensor)
Sensitivity Can detect discharge below 5 pC within monitoring area
Diagnosis Built in neural network engine classifies PD into 5 types: Protrusion Electrode, Floating Electrode, Defective Insulator, Free Moving Particle and Noise
Storage Database
Communication 10/100Base-T/TX Ethernet
-25°C to 55°C
Dimensions 457 x 337 x 170 (W x H x D) mm