APM7000, APM7000P Cable PD Monitoring & Diagnosis System

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APM7000&APM7000P is the most effective insulation diagnosis system that analyzes the cable’s failure phenomenon due top artial discharge in real time to prevent accidental power failure.

  • Localized defects of insulation system cause Partial Discharge. Electric trees which is made by Partial Discharge can lead to insulation breakdown.
  • Partial Discharge measurement is useful method to decide how much systems are degraded by electrical and thermal stress, manufacturing defects and installation errors in cable insulation system.
  • APM7000P is designed as compact size for portable PD measurement and enabled to operate for continuous monitoring without computer. This equipment aims at preventing electrical accidents of cable through identifying insulator faults in advance.


  • Real-Time Monitoring Mode
  • Continuous Measurement Mode
  • Time-Domain Analysis
  • Frequency Domain Analysis
  • Time of Arrival Analysis
  • PRPD/PRPS PD Pattern Analysis
  • Frequency Analysis by Filter or Tuner
  • Pulse Shape Analysis
  • Battery (Optional)
  • Fiber Optic(APM7000)
  • LAN Interface(APM7000P)


Item Specification
Sensor HFCT
Sensitivity ≤2pC
APM7000 - 560x668x220mm
APM7000P - 538x406x262mm
Weight APM7000 - 29Kg
APM7000P - 12.5Kg
Sampling rate 100MS/S(Each PD and Noise)
Frequency Band 1~50MHz
Channles 8 Channels
(PD 6Ch & Noise 2Ch)
Power AC 100~240V, 50~60Hz
Operating Temperature -10~+60℃
Communication TCP/IP

Overview on Analysis Mode

Item Specification
Frequency Analysis Mode Detection Frequency: 1~50MHz
Detection Frequency tuning BW: ±2MHz
Amplifier Amplification Rate Adjustment: up to 30dBm
Spectrum Analysis
Noise Gating Function
3-Phase simultaneous measurement
PD Pulse Analysis Mode Sampling: 100MS/s
Amplifier Amplification Rate Adjustment: up to 30dBm
3-Phase simultaneous measurement
Time Domain Analysis Mode 3-Phase simultaneous measurement
Time error between phases: less than 10ns
Synchronization External Sync20~300Hz
Power Source Sync

Basic Configuration of Cable PD Monitoring System