APM3000 On-line PD Monitoring System for Power Transformer


APM 3000 is an On-line Partial Discharge Monitoring System (OPDM) for power transformers base on UHF partial discharge technologies. APM 3000 monitors and diagnoses various defects timely and accurately to support improved Condition Based Management (CBM) and to prevent serious breakdown of power transformers.

  • Suitable for on-line partial discharge monitoring of extra-high voltage Power Transformer
  • Distinguishes PD signals from similar noise signals by analyzing the characteristic of individual PD pulse signal UHF bandwidth at time domain and frequency domain
  • Able to locate defects causing PD inside transformer by comparing UHF signals from numbers of sensors installed in the transformer


  • UHF sensor with high senitivity
  • Large dynamic range RF processing unit
  • Various noise removal technology, anti-interference ability
  • Artificial neural network technology
  • IEC61850 protocol support
  • High reliability and safety

Diagnosis Unit

Item Specification
Power 90 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Input More than 250 channels
Analysis Individual discharge signal is analyzed and its characteristics is mapped in 2-dimensional time-frequency space to make one group of discharge signals of one cause distinguished from others.
Diagnosis Built in neural network engine classifies PD into 5 types: Protrusion Electrode, Floating Electrode, Defective Insulator, Free Moving Particle and Noise
Alarming HMI, Email, IEC61850
Graphic Tools T-MF, PRPD, PRPS, Trend, and others
Channel Configuration Three threshold levels for alarming can be configured for each channel individually
IEC61850 Enabled
Remote Monitoring Enabled
Communication 1000Base-T Ethernet
Storage Database
Self Test Enabled

Local Unit

Item Specification
Power 90 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz 120 to 370 VDC
Input 8 UHF Channels, N-Type Connector
Sensitivity Can detect discharge less than 5 pC within monitoring area of GIS/GIB
Wide Bandwidth 100 ~ 2000MHz
Dynamic Input Range - 65 to 0 dBm
Band Pass Filter Combination of 4 LPF and 4 HPF
Data Acquisition Individual Discharge Signal Shape in Time Domain and Frequency Domain
Noise Gating Enabled (External Noise Sensor)
Communication Fiber Optic (100Base-FX)
Notification 4 x LED Status Indicators
Operating Temperature -25°C to 55°C
Dimensions 450 x 703 x 300 (W x H x D) mm

System Configuration